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a story about today

so... this is real life.  a list of facts:  1. i ate enough cookie dough today to give me salmonella (probably) whoops 2. sometimes you gotta ditch your dance class and go on a three hour drive because the talk... Continue Reading →

today’s rain & flowers

WOWEEMAMA. HOLY HECK.  all of the above.  life is ROCKIN right now folks. i am blessed x1000 and God is lookin out for me big time.  the flowers: GIRLS WEEKEND. butterfly the micro yorkie. getting to see my cute cousins... Continue Reading →

today’s rain & flowers

it is NOT wednesday, my dudes and i'm late once again because life is FLYIN BOYS and i'm cravin every second! 😂  the flowers: more hammocking! art journaling. borrowing taisha's bike. temple @6am. pho and good friends and Sub Zero... Continue Reading →

today’s rain & flowers

once again, i'm late to the game, because it's been an INSANE and AWESOME week!!  the flowers: people that are in love. pretty pictures. white flowers. candles. sparklers. weddings. the temple. boating. almost dying and laughing hysterically the whole time.... Continue Reading →

today’s rain & flowers

i'm a little late this week but boy has it been crazy & hard & absolutely wonderful. also, IT WAS MY FAVORITE HOLIDAY ON TUESDAY!!!! i love the lights & spirit & how everyone's happy & it's just a LIT... Continue Reading →

the ways we change, the ways we break

two weeks ago, even a week ago, my brain was full of Big Snazzy Plans subtitled under College. well, it's friday, and this week has been more than i ever hoped and yet very, very different than anything i had... Continue Reading →

today’s rain & flowers 

this week has been absolutely terrifying and 100% one of the best weeks of my life.  the flowers: HOLYFRICKIMOVEDTOCOLLEGETHISWEEK. moving in. my AWESOME ROOMMATES!! krispy kreme's. cafe rio (again). long drives in the canyon windows down blasting jake miller with... Continue Reading →

today’s rain & flowers

holy heck what a week!  the flowers: last day home, as a kid. breakfast with friends. tye dye! dq. family dance party. smores. pasta. father's day. ruby. ❤️ looking back. looking ahead. fathers blessings. praise God for the priesthood. shopping.... Continue Reading →

this is what happy feels like

today was one of those "man, life is beautiful" days.  my moms best friend since she was 15, her name is Lee Anne Pope, and let me tell you, THE POPES ROCK.  there's four beautiful pope girls, and we always... Continue Reading →

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