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today’s rain & flowers

holy heck what a week!  the flowers: last day home, as a kid. breakfast with friends. tye dye! dq. family dance party. smores. pasta. father's day. ruby. ❤️ looking back. looking ahead. fathers blessings. praise God for the priesthood. shopping.... Continue Reading →

this is what happy feels like

today was one of those "man, life is beautiful" days.  my moms best friend since she was 15, her name is Lee Anne Pope, and let me tell you, THE POPES ROCK.  there's four beautiful pope girls, and we always... Continue Reading →


"today's the day!" it's 12:55 am, and in about 16 hours, i'll be on a plane, leaving home. the past few days have been a crazy mess of emotions, good and bad.  for months, i've been beyond excited to leave home.... Continue Reading →

today’s rain & flowers

holy mama has it been a roller coaster of an emotional week!  the flowers: first off, I GRADUATED!!!! so many cute pics with the people i care about. turning out to like pridge after all! littttt grad party (thanks y'all).... Continue Reading →


this week's reflection is gonna go a little different... this past weekend, i was able to travel back to my roots. i saw my best friends in colorado, many of them for the last time.  two years ago, between my... Continue Reading →

today’s rain & flowers

A WEEK MADE UP OF "LASTS" the flowers: BEYOND pumped to move to a utah and hike ALL. THE. TIME. top 10% dinner. uno with sawyer. walking ruby. bucks county gardens! pretzels & gib &  meliss. puppies (that i can't... Continue Reading →

today’s rain & flowers

well, it's been a great week and a hard one. funny how those two often go together. my best friend left for two years, which is a hard thing. but he's serving God and bringing others to the light of... Continue Reading →

after 7, monday night

A ton of bricks to my chest the second I looked away.  It was real then,  in a way it hadn't been before.  "Two years," they whispered.  "TWO YEARS." "This is good," I said, a hundred times, a hand to... Continue Reading →

jakarta be kidding me, he’s going to indonesia! 

missionary: (noun) someone who is away from their family for a short time so others can be with theirs forever  today i was overwhelmed in the best kind of way.  aaron gave his farewell talk in church  he is set... Continue Reading →

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