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Letting people go is a skill

Letting people go is a skill. A skill I'm not very good at. Ok I'll be honest, I SUCK at it. Some people see it as a good thing, and don't get me wrong it can be. I forgive people... Continue Reading →


It happens to everyone. We never realize at the beginning of our lives how many times we'll say "This is it. These are my people." We think we'll never love harder. Or if we do, we don't want to. Because... Continue Reading →

A Thing About Humans

Sometimes it FLOORS me how many different types of people there are! Some days I sit in the back of a car 110% feeling the vibe. All windows and sunroof open, Khalid or Hunter Hayes blasting, driving through the canyon,... Continue Reading →

June 3rd

A list of rules: 1. Never end the night unhappy. Even if it was the hardest day of your life, or so many things went wrong, appreciate where you're at. Appreciate your heart, your brain, and your power. Because everyone... Continue Reading →

Recipe to a Killer Freshman Year

Recipe to a killer freshman year: LOTS of card games Friends who play guitar Driving with the windows down - EVERYWHERE laser tag almost every weekend Killer jams - new and old Writing letters Too much Chick-fil-A Hiking all over... Continue Reading →

A lot of lasts

Coming to terms with it can be the hardest and somehow the most peaceful thing. There's something that changes in a person when they know that some things in life are bigger than they are, and can't be stopped. It's... Continue Reading →

today’s rain & flowers

Wow I'm doing my best to get back into this! Fitting that I'm catching the back end of one heck of an amazing freshman year. So here's to this week The flowers: baseball games. Utah mountains. Abby. Realizing Big Things.... Continue Reading →

it’s late ok

Oh geez I'm gonna miss Michael's music Abby's laugh Oh geez I'm gonna miss Windows down Who cares what's blasting Both arms and a head out the window, hair whipping Oh geez I'm gonna miss going camping TONIGHT because why... Continue Reading →


I can't believe it's been a million years since I've been back at this. It makes me a little dizzy that my whole freshman year is passing me by so quick. I'm having the time of my life. And this... Continue Reading →

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