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just here for the kicks


I think there's a lot of times in life where we forget that asking for - and I should add accepting - help is an option.  You know when you have a small thing on your to-do list? And it's... Continue Reading →


today’s rain & flowers 

here's to another good one 🤙🏽 BECAUSE I HAD MY SECOND FIRST DAY OF COLLEGE WHOOP WHOOP.  the flowers: beading w the sissies. bella's tennis match. meeting up w the old team & coach for practice. the beach. roller coasters!!... Continue Reading →

today’s rain & flowers

yikes so it's been maybe THREE WHOLE FANTASTIC WEEKS (whoops) and here it is !!!  week 1:  the flowers: salt lake city w ma girls. church. deep talks w abby. scripture study @ rock canyon. jensen!! winning hide & seek... Continue Reading →

a story about today

so... this is real life.  a list of facts:  1. i ate enough cookie dough today to give me salmonella (probably) whoops 2. sometimes you gotta ditch your dance class and go on a three hour drive because the talk... Continue Reading →

today’s rain & flowers

WOWEEMAMA. HOLY HECK.  all of the above.  life is ROCKIN right now folks. i am blessed x1000 and God is lookin out for me big time.  the flowers: GIRLS WEEKEND. butterfly the micro yorkie. getting to see my cute cousins... Continue Reading →

today’s rain & flowers

it is NOT wednesday, my dudes and i'm late once again because life is FLYIN BOYS and i'm cravin every second! 😂  the flowers: more hammocking! art journaling. borrowing taisha's bike. temple @6am. pho and good friends and Sub Zero... Continue Reading →

today’s rain & flowers

once again, i'm late to the game, because it's been an INSANE and AWESOME week!!  the flowers: people that are in love. pretty pictures. white flowers. candles. sparklers. weddings. the temple. boating. almost dying and laughing hysterically the whole time.... Continue Reading →

today’s rain & flowers

i'm a little late this week but boy has it been crazy & hard & absolutely wonderful. also, IT WAS MY FAVORITE HOLIDAY ON TUESDAY!!!! i love the lights & spirit & how everyone's happy & it's just a LIT... Continue Reading →

the ways we change, the ways we break

two weeks ago, even a week ago, my brain was full of Big Snazzy Plans subtitled under College. well, it's friday, and this week has been more than i ever hoped and yet very, very different than anything i had... Continue Reading →

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