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"today's the day!" it's 12:55 am, and in about 16 hours, i'll be on a plane, leaving home. the past few days have been a crazy mess of emotions, good and bad.  for months, i've been beyond excited to leave home.... Continue Reading →

today’s rain & flowers

holy mama has it been a roller coaster of an emotional week!  the flowers: first off, I GRADUATED!!!! so many cute pics with the people i care about. turning out to like pridge after all! littttt grad party (thanks y'all).... Continue Reading →


this week's reflection is gonna go a little different... this past weekend, i was able to travel back to my roots. i saw my best friends in colorado, many of them for the last time.  two years ago, between my... Continue Reading →

today’s rain & flowers

A WEEK MADE UP OF "LASTS" the flowers: BEYOND pumped to move to a utah and hike ALL. THE. TIME. top 10% dinner. uno with sawyer. walking ruby. bucks county gardens! pretzels & gib &  meliss. puppies (that i can't... Continue Reading →

today’s rain & flowers

well, it's been a great week and a hard one. funny how those two often go together. my best friend left for two years, which is a hard thing. but he's serving God and bringing others to the light of... Continue Reading →

after 7, monday night

A ton of bricks to my chest the second I looked away.  It was real then,  in a way it hadn't been before.  "Two years," they whispered.  "TWO YEARS." "This is good," I said, a hundred times, a hand to... Continue Reading →

jakarta be kidding me, he’s going to indonesia! 

missionary: (noun) someone who is away from their family for a short time so others can be with theirs forever  today i was overwhelmed in the best kind of way.  aaron gave his farewell talk in church  he is set... Continue Reading →

today’s rain & flowers

a lot of "lasts" & "finals" this week & it's gettin real... 😱 the flowers: 4x8 season best. red robin onion rings. the creek at connors house. explosion fighter guy movies. getting our nails done. mother's day. moms birthday. chinese... Continue Reading →

hey, you – yea you

just some thoughts from this morning! because you leave for your mission in a week and a half. wow am i lucky.  i'm going to miss fireworks with you. i'm going to miss the landis parking lot, because there's rita's,... Continue Reading →

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