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today’s rain & flowers

a lot of "lasts" & "finals" this week & it's gettin real... đŸ˜± the flowers: 4x8 season best. red robin onion rings. the creek at connors house. explosion fighter guy movies. getting our nails done. mother's day. moms birthday. chinese... Continue Reading →

hey, you – yea you

just some thoughts from this morning! because you leave for your mission in a week and a half. wow am i lucky.  i'm going to miss fireworks with you. i'm going to miss the landis parking lot, because there's rita's,... Continue Reading →

today’s rain & flowers

"here we gooooo!!!" -peter pan the flowers: art journaling with nana. puppy. making it to leagues in the long jump. mormon prom. a&n chocolate chip pancakes. and also onion rings. feeling pretty. having the hottest date around. state fair (the... Continue Reading →

today’s rain & flowers (x2)

sooo it's been a crazy coupla days so here's to a good two weeks!  the flowers: aaron is home!!!!!!! home track meets. last orchestra concert. pasta. peanut butter cookies from tabora farms. lake galena w him. spontaneous distance runs through... Continue Reading →

hippie pirate princesses (you know who you are)

it's been a while since i cried over it. it's been a while since i really felt it, deep down, the pain and the hurt and the confusion.  i had to leave my best friend. my team. my coaches. my... Continue Reading →

today’s rain & flowers

HECK yes this week!!  the flowers: Easter sunrise over the ocean. family beach weekend. frisbee with the siblings. lots of tennis. boardwalks. star wars!!!! fries. lots of fries. good dreams. easter baskets. FRICKEN KRISPY KREME DONUTS BOYYYY!! thinking about God.... Continue Reading →

He is Risen

Happy Easter!! Easter Sunday and the week leading up to it is always really special for me. This year, my family got to take a (much needed I gotta say!) weekend trip up to Bethany Beach in Delaware (Dele...where?!).  Easter... Continue Reading →

today’s rain & flowers

wow, what a week... the flowers: weekend at the cabin with chad+juliet! 4 wheeling. shooting 22s. not being as bad as i thought at it. hiking! climbing fences on said hike (whoops). jackal starts. fun meet @ cb east. season... Continue Reading →

today’s rain & flowers 

this week really took the life outta me (good and bad)... the flowers: getting so excited about fall class sign ups! got my dream prom dress. chads birthday! two musicals (shrek is always better). general conference!!!! took my jeans to... Continue Reading →

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