so… this is real life. 
a list of facts: 

1. i ate enough cookie dough today to give me salmonella (probably) whoops

2. sometimes you gotta ditch your dance class and go on a three hour drive because the talk is necessary

3. when you’re having a hard time you usually end up at the temple

4. college is like nothing we’ve ever been through

5. God’s plans are WAYYYY different than the plans we thought we had for our lives

6. sometimes it just takes one person to have the courage to stand up and say, “this sucks. who else?” and that’s when you can connect. that’s when you can be there for each other. 

7. everyone could always use another friend

8. don’t beat yourself up kid

9. the big things now are really the little things

10. that part of the race when you’re crawling bleeding and screaming on the ground… that’s when you grow

11. showers can wash away a lot more than dirt 

12. you’re not always gonna feel like yourself, and that’s okay. that doesn’t mean the real you is gone. 

13. honesty really is the best policy. letting things build up just hurts everyone. 

14. part of loving people and being loved by them is talking, even when it’s hard

15. khalid has some good jams to do your chemistry homework to

16. girls nights in are SO necessary every once in a while

17. missing someone hurts. that’s normal. that won’t go away. 


19. God loves you. He has a plan for you, specifically; every step is laid out to lead you to the greatest happiness He has for you. 

20. Trusting in that plan sometimes feels insane. sometimes it’s so fricken crazy hard and you’re saying NO WAY IS THIS RIGHT. but it is, and you’re in God’s hands, and YOURE GOING TO BE OKAY. 

it is all going to be okay. 

sometimes it really does take all 6 human beings in one apartment to sit on the floor together and maybe cry and maybe scream and just talk about the hard stuff. 

it’s okay.