all of the above. 

life is ROCKIN right now folks. i am blessed x1000 and God is lookin out for me big time. 

the flowers: GIRLS WEEKEND. butterfly the micro yorkie. getting to see my cute cousins & family. throwback songs. driving with the windows down. windswept hair. good vibes. old churches. thrift shops. dancing in the rain. trampolines. uno. pit stops and yoga. sunsets. clouds. the mountains. falling down cliffs. the open desert. straight roads. tswift & jb & 1d. no schedule. sleeping in. making friendship bracelets. morse code. shopping in st george. good food. talking to sweet strangers. hard laughs. disney movies. JENSEN IS IN TOWN. alpine loop drive. waffle love. talking for hours. fireworks. scary movies. wendy’s. mickey ds. perfect temple timing. sweet old men. the sweet asain man that brought 300k names to the temple, watches us do his family’s work, and bowed to me afterwards. REAL GOOD LUNCH w kat & abby @ zupas. starting white collar. volleyball!! when people call you on the phone just to talk. abby showing me how to make cool vids from trips. learning to flirt lol. picnic dates. hiking the Y in the middle of the night. long talks with strangers for hours. glow in the dark frisbee. mint chocolate chip ice cream. deciding to go on my mission in May!!! :):):) night games. driving down deserted highways in the middle of the night in a red jeep. loud country music. THE STARS. dennys & deep talks w kat after chem. shopping & chick flick night w MY GIRLS. naps. hanging out w my roommates more. care packages. hammocking. relief society activities. 

the rain: confusing stuff in chem. not getting enough sleep. being confused about boys, among other things. I THINK THERES A SPIDER IN MY BED. spending money. 3 weeks left. 😱 not being as close with some people as i wish. worrying about annoying people. missing my family.