it is NOT wednesday, my dudes and i’m late once again because life is FLYIN BOYS and i’m cravin every second! 😂 

the flowers: more hammocking! art journaling. borrowing taisha’s bike. temple @6am. pho and good friends and Sub Zero ice cream. hot springs. crepes @1am. watched tangled. fell asleep on the couch w kat & abby. met logan. mona rope swings. COUNTRY DANCING!!! getting closer w the guys in our group. taylor laughing at me. bonfire @ squaw peak. star gazing. deep talks. uno tournaments @3am. aaron left for indonesia finally! musical number in church. CASEYYYY!!!! deep talks at the temple. more ice cream. grocery shopping w lee ann. panda express. the cha cha is SO FUN. killin it w my dance partner. being myself. our girls weekend! 

the rain: slept through hiking. losing the uno tournament to abby. missing people. hours of chem. another exam. getting annoyed for no reason. taisha’s hurt. looming cleaning checks.