once again, i’m late to the game, because it’s been an INSANE and AWESOME week!! 

the flowers: people that are in love. pretty pictures. white flowers. candles. sparklers. weddings. the temple. boating. almost dying and laughing hysterically the whole time. blake. dad. he took me out for food. taisha. morning runs. free chickfila & cow day. laughing like i’ve never laughed before. being stupid in public and not caring. talking to anybody and everybody. when people know my name. foxtrot with ben. guardians of the galaxy volume two. spider-man!!! a letter from him. he gets to leave the mtc saturday! abby&kat. good study groups. canceled classes. good discussions. crying in front of people and feeling ok about it. planning ahead. letting God&life just take me. 

the rain: saying goodbye to dad. coming home not to colorado, not to PA, but to provo (it was weird). endless schoolwork. awkward dates! not knowing how to help & feeling awkward about it. 

it’s crazy, and it’s hard, and i’m obsessed with it. i love it. 🙂