i’m a little late this week but boy has it been crazy & hard & absolutely wonderful. also, IT WAS MY FAVORITE HOLIDAY ON TUESDAY!!!! i love the lights & spirit & how everyone’s happy & it’s just a LIT NATIONWIDE PARTY and i am completely in love with the fourth of july with every fiber of my being. oh, and there’s watermelon, so win. 🍉

the flowers: FRICKEN AMAZING NEW FRIENDS. seeing aaron at the temple, just for a minute. shaking his hand. the temple! foxtrot! calling mom & dad & the fam. movie nights. ultimate frisbee. chicken&waffle parties. outdoor movies. fireworks! gorgeous hikes w awesome friends. naps in hammocks. chem study groups. grilled w the crew. my new calling. the best relief society presidency ever. bearing my testimony. feeling the spirit. drives down the canyon with luke. tunnel singing again. priesthood blessings by good friends that are so willing and ready. slushies. walmart @1am. when the talking is easy. running around being crazy. 4th parade w my gurls! pool parties. firework views over the whole valley. AMERICA. ok chem test. partied all night. ran around the quad filling up our fatboy. peanut butter. bad jokes. hard laughs. this. 🙂 

the rain: really really hard classes. stressed out. no sleep. sleeping in on accident. new calling. missing my family. missing aaron. crying a little bit. accidentally punching the stage bc i was jamming too hard. aaron’s visa is delayed for a few weeks- hopefully he can leave for indonesia soon! missing mom and dad. rowdy kids. not having a car. taisha left for home for a few days. awkward people/plans. lol. kat getting hurt again. hot weather.