this week has been absolutely terrifying and 100% one of the best weeks of my life. 

the flowers: HOLYFRICKIMOVEDTOCOLLEGETHISWEEK. moving in. my AWESOME ROOMMATES!! krispy kreme’s. cafe rio (again). long drives in the canyon windows down blasting jake miller with old friends. running w sarah. hammocking w luke. hammocking w my girls! hiking w the girls. bought a fish (simone!!!). laughed harder than i’ve ever laughed before & more often. naps. all the hikes. the views. the temple. the ward. chipotle! the tunnel, sunday @10pm. reconnecting with old friends. falling in love with new ones. the spirit here. having an awesome chem TA. cute boys. learning a lot. trying to keep a positive attitude. running through sprinklers. feeling the spirit everywhere. talking to new people. mail! walking around parks in the canyon. FRENCH FRIES. 

the rain: mom & bella leaving. missing my own shower. ruby. missing my family. hecka hecka hard classes. hours of work. getting lost on campus. eating too much. still trying to find our “group.” trying to make my own food. feeling overwhelmed. hot. no sleep. 

i’ve never been more scared, and i’ve never laughed harder in my life. i can do this.