holy heck what a week! 

the flowers: last day home, as a kid. breakfast with friends. tye dye! dq. family dance party. smores. pasta. father’s day. ruby. ❤️ looking back. looking ahead. fathers blessings. praise God for the priesthood. shopping. new shoes. SEEING THE POPES!! church. ella’s guitar. night games with the pope girls. more smores! just talking like old friends. good movies. big lists. walking around campus. byu tshirts. DI! chinese food. jdawgs. in-n-out. cafe rio. noodles. getting a lot done. spending so much non scheduled time with my mom. reminiscing. hiking the Y. hiking stewart falls. falling in love with utah. seeing PA friends. 

the rain: the goodbyes that don’t hurt. the goodbyes that do. left my family at the airport. big lists. being nervous. hot out. not being able to move in yet. behind on work/schoolwork. aaron’s so close. plans falling through (for a rope swing into a lake of all things!!).