today was one of those “man, life is beautiful” days. 

my moms best friend since she was 15, her name is Lee Anne Pope, and let me tell you, THE POPES ROCK. 

there’s four beautiful pope girls, and we always just have so much fun & they have so much spirit & personality! Ella, Avery, Layla, Shay, and their lil man dog Rupp is the dreamiest. 😍

tonight, we had GIGANTIC burgers, and a load of other real real good food. us girls sat around after dinner listening to our moms tell “back in the day” stories and we all laughed our heads off. 

we moved to the fire pit, roasted marshmallows, and sang along to bruno mars & taylor swift as Ella played her guitar. Shay & Layla got into practicing beat boxing, i ate too many smores, and it didn’t matter that i couldn’t sing. life was good, life was whole, life was gentle to me in that moment. 

we played night games after that, us girls, & i missed my lil sibs hadley & sawyer. 💕 after 2-3 games of beckoning, we just sat around on the tramp talking about life. 

it’s never been easier, and it’s never been more natural, or fun. even with these girls, sisters since birth, the kind of people you just say “we’re cousins” because it’s simpler than explaining. even these girls, it was sweeter tonight. maybe it’s because i’m old. maybe it’s just a God given. 

whatever happened tonight, it was magic. we stayed up until way past our bedtimes (if we had any) & words fell fast & easy from our mouths. 

i wanna say tonight was one in a million. but it doesn’t have to be. we create our realities. we make magic wherever we go. 

i’m going to love this summer in utah.