holy mama has it been a roller coaster of an emotional week! 
the flowers: first off, I GRADUATED!!!! so many cute pics with the people i care about. turning out to like pridge after all! littttt grad party (thanks y’all). water ballon fight. 12 dozen donuts (on “accident”). ;). melissa’s house. email from aaron. night nation run with ma gurls. seminary graduation! violin piece went alright. grandpa told us stories. God gave me the sweetest parents to walk the face of the earth. hot bath! americas got talent is SO INSPIRING. beach day! sleeping with mom. paddle boarding! red robin. salt water pools. clear skin. summer. 

the rain: post concert headaches. ringing ears. not getting enough sleep. cried saying goodbye @ church. dad leaving for a business trip. grandma cried @ goodbye. I PACKED!!! not feeling ready. already missing my family. being scared. sunburns.