the flowers: BEYOND pumped to move to a utah and hike ALL. THE. TIME. top 10% dinner. uno with sawyer. walking ruby. bucks county gardens! pretzels & gib &  meliss. puppies (that i can’t adopt ugh). drive in movies! half apps applebees at 1am. laughing with good people. camping for memorial day with dad!! boulder field @ hickory run state park. making pizza in the woods. a&n with gib & piper. going to the temple. last day of high school let’s go!!! college here i come baby. fixed my polaroid camera. falling more in love with philly. 

the rain: didn’t get a senior award i expected to. miss him. being tired and falling asleep anywhere all the time. car dying. realizing i actually might miss some parts of my life here. A TON OF RUN GEEZ. hurting hips. being indecisive about college sports (yikes!). fishing in the rain. juniors forgetting about coaches gifts. saying goodbye to a lot of kids & teachers that don’t even know me that well & they’ll never know/understand the important role they played in my life as i’m “the new kid”. i miss my old high school. a lot. today would’ve been really, really different back home…