missionary: (noun) someone who is away from their family for a short time so others can be with theirs forever 

today i was overwhelmed in the best kind of way. 

aaron gave his farewell talk in church  he is set apart tomorrow as a missionary for the church of jesus christ of latter day saints. on wednesday he reports to the provo mtc to prepare to serve the beautiful people of indonesia. 

i couldn’t be happier or more proud. 

he spoke of the lasting and eternal happiness of the gospel. of his desire to bring that knowledge and that happiness to people. his testimony is so powerful, and he’s going to change the world with it. he really is. i know that. 

he talked about how if his whole mission is for even one person in indonesia that needs him, that is perfect because it is gods plan. 

his heart is so so good, and i saw that (extra) today and that’s why it’s ok. people keep asking me how i am, if i need anything, if i’ll cry, how i’m holding up. 


THE MAN I LOVE IS SERVING GODS CHILDREN FOR TWO WHOLE YEARS. he’s giving up his own life his own self to submit to gods will, to love the indonesian people and to labor in this great and glorious work. this man is worthy to hold the keys of the restored priesthood, he values that power from god and he knows how sacred it is. this man desires to share his happiness with people he doesn’t even know yet. he’s willing to go anywhere for the lords work. this man is going to work hard, to love the people, and to keep the faith strong. 

so if you ask me if i’m ok?

i couldn’t be happier. i love this gospel i love my god and i can’t wait to see how elder nelson is going to rock indonesia off its feet. 

see you in 2 years, elder nelson. you’re gonna be just fine.