a lot of “lasts” & “finals” this week & it’s gettin real… šŸ˜±

the flowers: 4×8 season best. red robin onion rings. the creek at connors house. explosion fighter guy movies. getting our nails done. mother’s day. moms birthday. chinese takeout and watching newsies. talking with him. secrets lol. I GOT TO SKYPE MY MISSIONARY YES SAMMY I LOVE YOU!!! chipotle with him (during school hehe). found out i can write aaron on his mission!! temple with aaron. chocolate chip pancakes (twice!). bowling and beating him once at least. temple with the sissies & mom & nana. loving him. naps in the hammock. 

the rain: bad last jumps of the season. nana leaving. moms present delivered late. the unknown (future). staples delivery truck guy hit my car (not terribly). the Missing Him is starting to hit. fighting with mom & dad. a really really long to do list. time running out. being disappointed.