“here we gooooo!!!” -peter pan

the flowers: art journaling with nana. puppy. making it to leagues in the long jump. mormon prom. a&n chocolate chip pancakes. and also onion rings. feeling pretty. having the hottest date around. state fair (the 1945 movie). green houses. LAST HOME MEET LETS GO. winning both tanker relays. naps. beach at 6am with the man i love. BLANKETS. rebounderz. when silence is comfortable. dancing with him. talking with him. kalins cd. SMORES. season best 800. sawyer’s race! pinball parlours with youth group. 

the rain: grad announcement stress. lots of other stress. a really long to do list. that hard but necessary conversation sitting on the sidewalk at night. rain. wind. rain & wind. cloudy sunrises.