sooo it’s been a crazy coupla days so here’s to a good two weeks! 

the flowers: aaron is home!!!!!!! home track meets. last orchestra concert. pasta. peanut butter cookies from tabora farms. lake galena w him. spontaneous distance runs through the woods. PASTA (again). hot tubbing w ma girls. volleyball games. opportunities to talk about my faith. DQ runs. my friends’ pretty prom pics! art journaling with the family. Tangie & Dave & Nana coming to visit us! aaron’s face when he saw me for the first time when he got home. I TRIED SUSHI AND I LIKED IT. watching the sunset on top of my car at the dairy farm. penn relays lets go team! working at long jump. picnics. country music, windows down, and him. DAVE’S FAMOUS TACOS. guardians of the galaxy. talking outside with the fam some evenings. LOUD thunder storms at 4:30am. waking up at noon. built furniture. drive in movies w aaron and my sisters. dancing during the beauty and the beast ballroom song. chads eagle scout court of honor! sunday family walks. it’s MAY. “frog hunting”. 

the rain: bad weather. stressing about planning stuff. scholarship applications. missing my best friend & missing my home. failing at scaring aaron. being behind on work. fighting.  disappointing races. missing my old high schools senior prom. missing them. knowing that woulda been my night, our night. not jumping as well as i want to be right now.