HECK yes this week!! 

the flowers: Easter sunrise over the ocean. family beach weekend. frisbee with the siblings. lots of tennis. boardwalks. star wars!!!! fries. lots of fries. good dreams. easter baskets. FRICKEN KRISPY KREME DONUTS BOYYYY!! thinking about God. Aaron. being productive. one year with my man. he got me yellow tulips (i love yellow flowers… like a lot a lot). tried long jump finally!!! actually being decent at it was fun. gettin that DUB in our meet vs soudy today. chipotle w jul and shea. jackal hunting. giving up jackal hunting and going to wendy’s. deep talks with new people. real talks with old friends. (just good talks in general.) aaron’s letter. sammy got my package! (love my missionary.) 

the rain: shoes came in the mail and didn’t fit (again…). getting like no sleep. behind on work. REALLY need to do my laundry asap…