wow, what a week…

the flowers: weekend at the cabin with chad+juliet! 4 wheeling. shooting 22s. not being as bad as i thought at it. hiking! climbing fences on said hike (whoops). jackal starts. fun meet @ cb east. season best time for my 800. five guys. a&n at 1am. all the food! melissa and gib. cartwheels with shea. chad asked me to prom. picked up my jeans-they fit perfect! small town vibes. views that remind me exactly of my grandparents house back in colorado. i’m really, really happy with aaron. bbq on the driveway with the dog & the boys. dad making hot dogs. chalk. mom coming to watch me run and then us talking like we’re best friends (because we are, duh). leaving for bethany beach soon! indoor track banquet. 

the rain: people going psycho in jackal. being up for almost 24 hrs chasing my target. still rough waters with coach (but improving…). cops (yikes). gotta work on my 800 kick. so much laundry. people being mean to my sister.