this week really took the life outta me (good and bad)…

the flowers: getting so excited about fall class sign ups! got my dream prom dress. chads birthday! two musicals (shrek is always better). general conference!!!! took my jeans to get altered. aaron. my sunday school peeps. winning our track meet! season best 800. red robin’s (YUMMMM!!!). jamming so hard in melissa’s car. disney acapella/screaming on the track bus. laurel froyo night!! sweet texts from sweet friends. sending off happy mail. i love my puppy. mall trips with the sissies. macaroons. chinese food. hadley writing me notes. sawyer kissing me goodnight. 

the rain: a lot of homework. stressing about fall class sign ups. coach. really really tired. teachers yelling at us. mailing stuff is expensive. 

even when i’m tired, even when i don’t think i can take on one more thing, God keeps my heart up and i work to keep my attitude up (most of the time), and it works out pretty great for me in the end, because i have God. 

God loves us. 

some of my favorite quotes from general conference this weekend: 

“come as you are, but don’t expect to stay that way.”

“God is on our side. He loves us, and when we stumble, He wants us to rise up, try again, and become stronger.”