This past weekend was General Conference and I loved it!!

(General Conference is a huge world wide broadcast my church does every 6 months that’s on a weekend and there’s just a ton of speakers and hymns and it’s just awesome!)

Sunday afternoon for the last session, i went over to my sunday school teachers house with our class. 

sister hartline made amazing good food for us (POTATO SLIDERS FRICK YES and “city chicken” that’s actually just pork on a stick… don’t ask, i don’t know either). 

Those three hours or so were really, really good ones that maybe i can’t even explain. 

it was 60 degrees outside and i drove there, slow, in my mom jeep with the windows down and my christian station on. my hair was a mess, i was wearing sandals, and i was happy. content, i guess you could even say. 

now, i love the kids in my sunday school class. but… we’re not exactly bffs either. we’re all very different, and it shows. but you know what? there’s something powerful and invigorating just being around good people, even if it’s a little awkward. even if you don’t have something to say 100% of the time. even if the conversation is slow, and singular. it’s those quiet casual conversations that build us. feed our souls. those three hours sitting on the fluffy carpeted floor taking notes on the talks with my colorful sharpies, i felt at peace. i knew i was surrounded by strong, good people. 

those three hours were not TOTALLY ROCKIN FUN and i did not laugh my guts out or feel like a social butterfly. 

but i felt good because they were good, because the weather was nice, and because my heart was open to being content with where i was. 

i think it’s important sometimes to allow our brains and our hearts to slow down, to be where we are fully, and to love those moments for exactly what they are. no comparisons. no negative attitudes. 

just being.