this week’s reflection: 

the flowers: stake women’s conference. a day in philly just me and mom. šŸ™‚ signed up for night nation run with nicole and alyssa in june! me&chad and jul&tyler for prom is gonna rock. talking about deep things with him until 2am (on a school night… yikes). aaron went through the temple! night out with the fam. sawyer showing me his school projects. the sister missionaries. feeling pretty sometimes. skyping. booked colorado flights! met some more byu people. bath bombs. merlin. aaron’s 19!! tacos. candles. the scriptures. people that try. chem lectures with abigail this summer!

the rain: getting sick. eye strains. migraines. no cheese. bad chem test scores. running out of data. not getting enough sleep. first track scrimmage canceled. not feeling pretty sometimes. speaking in a way that doesn’t bring me closer to christ (bad habits!). hot water running out. being embarrassed. not getting along with a teacher. merlin. getting sick off ice cream (sad day). people that don’t try. wanting to go to college already. messy room.