let me tell you about the love of my life. 

first off, he is literally the sweetest man to walk this earth. he’s always writing me thoughtful notes when he knows i’m having a hard time. he tries his best at everything he does, and he really throws himself into everything he does. he’s always outgoing and just wants to be friends with everybody and i really admire that. he’s quick to stand up for people, and the first to make sure you’re ok if it seems you’re having an off day. 

he’s constantly giving me hugs and blowing me kisses and i love that. he always tells me he’s missed me when i’ve been gone awhile, and his laugh is my favorite sound in the whole world. if i could see his smiling face every day for the rest of my life, i would be the happiest girl. 

he makes me the luckiest, happiest girl. i adore him. 

this man’s name is Sawyer, he’s 8 years old, and he’s my little brother. 

i love Sawyer with everything in my being. i didn’t know i could love a child this much. he’s honestly just my best friend. i love when he’s excited to tell me about his day, or about what he played at recess, or his latest science experiment that he’s been working on. 

it floors me that i am lucky enough to get a love like that in my life. i love when he kisses me on the cheek goodbye, i love the giant hugs he gives (he’s really good at hugs). i love going to his basketball games and taking him to scouts and going hiking with him. he’s the most rambunctious, firey little stud ever, and i couldn’t feel more blessed.