it’s been a roller coaster week and I’m stealing this idea from a friend, but I think it’s important to notice the good&bad in a single life… to notice the growth, she says, and so it goes. here’s this weeks reflection:

the flowers: snowdays! two of them. chipotle&target&mending with a distant friend. me and taisha are rooming in the fall! signed up for summer 2017 classes. card games with the fam. peanut butter fudge. merlin. snail mail and cute stamps. thrift shopping with my girls! good deals. falling more in love with philly. GIANT burgers. pure laughing in the car at the dumb things we do. little brother kisses. momma bringing home baby robert. me and bella had a non awkward hug (lol). clean sheets. dad got home safe from europe. track. hot fries. beautiful art. seminary kids. pool. the radio.

the rain: presentation in political science. missing aaron. scary movies. eating bad food. messy room. my cactus is dying (?!). not working out when i know i should. shin splints. lack of money. the rents said i can’t go to utah to see aaron. track. being social sometimes. too much netflix not enough productivity. didn’t work on my chem problem set. cramps. driving in the snow.