It’s been awhile!!! Life’s been crazy with finishing up college apps and family reunions and winter track starting up. ☺️

I just wanted to share a little bit about how much I’m grateful for THE CHRISTMAS SEASON!!!!! (And for all y’all that say it’s not Christmas yet, it is!) 

So my family has never done the elf on the shelf before (that wasn’t even a thing when I was growing up!!), and Sawyer wanted one MORE THAN ANYTHING. So day after thanksgiving he requested Christian the elf sent straight from Santa’s workshop, and guess who showed up during the night sometime…

All day Friday, which is our YAY ITS FINALLY CHRISTMAS day, Hadley decided to cut up LITERALLY DOZENS of paper snowflakes to make her room a little more festive. 😊 (Peep the adorable winter sheets we all got for the season-makes our rooms seem so much more cozy!)

And, of course, the Most Important Decision of the Year: 

Picking the perfect Christmas tree 🎄 

This time is for rockin out those jingle bell jams, sleep overs with your siblings, and peppermint-flavored everything. Hope everyone’s almost-December is a jolly holiday!!! I’d love to hear your favorite traditions and moments this year. 😃