Yesterday Bella, my Dad and I got to go down to Philly for a big church meeting with an apostle of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, Elder Renlund. 

He was so sassy for an old man!!! Who knew Mormon inside jokes could catch on so fast! 😂 (For the strength of crabs, stay away from the chicken necks in your life!! Curious? Look up how they go crabbing out east.) 

My sweet Daddy told me about his ’80 white international scout that he PRIZED ABOVE ALL ELSE, and he sold it when I was one for me, because it didn’t have air conditioning and we lived in Arizona. Grateful for his example in showing me how a true man loves the ladies in his life. 💕

On a whim, Bella and I jumped out of the truck at a stoplight because we couldn’t resist an adorable little bookshop- it’s amazing what beautiful secrets a city can hold. 

Two of my favorite words, even better when they’re together: 




Bella’s thinking face… 🤔


Grateful that God’s given me a beautiful city, daily adventures, and built in best friends. ☝🏽️

ALSO got a letter today from one of my BFFS in Colorado (who now lives in TX)!!! Lovin these constant little blessings God is rainin down on me. 💓