Today was one I’ll remember forever! The Philadelphia Mormon temple was dedicated and set a part today as a sacred place on earth for worship and to do God’s work. I’m beyond excited to now be able to go there ALL THE FLIPPING TIME (🎉) and to serve my God. ❤️ 

I love my church ( if you’re curious) and the rest it brings to my soul. Coming to Jesus is work, but it’s worth it. 


This past summer I had the awesome experience to go to Ecuador on a youth humanitarian trip (more on that later-check em out at Humanitarian Experience For Youth) and Casey was one of my BEST FRIENDS. She is hands down the sweetest, most genuine person I’ve ever had the price ledge of knowing, and now we’re pen pals and I absolutely love it. 🎉

There’s just something about snail mail that I adore. My best friend is away at college and I write him letters all the time. My cousin who I’m supa dupa close with is leaving on a mission for our church real soon and I’m excited to write her. I love sending and receiving letters!! But don’t we all? There’s just something so tangible about the love and care and time and effort that goes into a written letter, stamped and placed in a mailbox. 

Happy letter writing y’all!!! Sundays are the best days.