Hadley is 11, and well… She’s a redhead. If that tells you anything. 😂 She’s like sweet and sour sauce (except, not Chinese): both feisty and adorable. She’s also a little weird too… She sings opera to annoy us, loves matching her outfits, and is the first to learn a new gymnastics trick. But we all have our things. 💕

First off, she’s OBSESSED with chickens. Like, Save the Chickens posters obsessed. We have no idea where it came from, we just support it. 

She’ll use chicken basically in any way. 

“Aw you’re such a chicken.” 😊

“What the chicken?!” 😱

Or sometimes it’s just “chickeeen!!!!” 🐓

She’s also a pro organizer. You need your whole universe sorted out? No problem! SHE will pay YOU to let her do it!! Just last week she hung out with me for five hours while I cleaned out my closet. (Let’s just say I don’t quite have her knack for orderliness.) 

Hadley is just the sweetest. She’s always writing us cute notes or drawing to-die-for pictures that I just adore. She really loves me, even though I am one heck of a messy, imperfect older sis. And I think that’s what I appreciate most. 😌

(Also, Had loves being my mini model, so you’ll probably be seeing a lot of her. 🙃)