Bellaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!! She’s basically like my emotional punching bag (I’m gonna hear about that later…) and my best friend all rolled into one. She’s three years younger than me, so obviously we have highs and lows between us! 😁 

Bella and I love hitting up all of the local Chickfilas, Dairy Queens, Grub Burgers, Wendy’s… Basically anything to do with F O O D. πŸ’—πŸ• She’s my go-to girl when I need a laugh, my number one if I want outfit opinions, and my favorite mall buddy. (Also, she’s always willing to be my photographer for anything and anything-thanks. 😊😊)

She is WAY more Pinterest-worthy than I am. Like, what the heck?! Her room is adorable and modern and hip, she put fairy lights around her bed, she plans her outfits for the whole week on Sunday nights, and she plays tennis. How much more adorable can you get than that. πŸ†’

Bella is also the FUNNIEST WOMAN ALIVE. Her inside jokes are basically the longest standing in my family, always. 

We are jenkful for jenkin’ Jenkintown. 

Did we take yo parkin spot?! Well we are so-rry!! βœ‹πŸ½

Bella always has the wittiest things to say, and like I said, 100000% Pinterest-worthy 1000000% of the time. 
She’s also just so fun to hang out with! Just yesterday (I don’t even remember what I was originally doing) she came in and started pulling books off my shelves and reading them in funny voices. She loves making people laugh, and that’s majorly a skill she’s got down. 

She’s basically just the coolest, and I know she’ll miss me in a year when I leave for college even though she says she’s just excited to get all my stuff. 😜 (Bella, I’ll miss you too. 😘 Also be thankful there’s some weird stuff I didn’t put in here. πŸ€—πŸ˜‰)